by Teenage Moods

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Recorded by Kyle and Elliot at Science of Sound, Madison, WI
Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, Milwaukee, WI


released August 31, 2012

Gordon - Guitar / Vocals
Taylor - Drums / Alohas
Jillian - Bass
Kyle - Keyboard / Synths / Vocals
Elliot - Guitar / Vocals

Thank you to Ricky Riemer and everyone who loves us!
We love you back!



all rights reserved


Teenage Moods Minneapolis, Minnesota

Use your imagination, please.

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Track Name: Bright Looms
We were thinking, thinking
Light shot out of our eyes
Pushing and pulling
Ideas intertwine
Over, through, and under
Colors full of wonder

Thoughts pile up like blankets in our minds
I'm waking up, blinded by the bright bright looms
Bright bright looms

We weren't sleeping, sleeping
Circles round our eyes
Circles overlapping
Eyes between our eyes
Keep them open, open
Keep an open mind
Keep on working, working
Braiding strings that we both find

In our minds we create a new world
Oh how it winds spools of thread for bright bright looms
Bright bright looms
Track Name: Rock Man
Amethyst and agates under my bed
Rocks in my dreams, rocks in my head
Whataya think, I collect all I can
What can I say, you know what I am


Rock Man

My name is Craig, I'm an aggro dude
What can I say, oh what can I do?
What do you think? I collect what I can
What can I say? You know what I am
Track Name: Golden Lasso
Golden hair and yellow eyes
Golden skin, she'll pull you tight
A silent stalker in the night
You'll blink once and she'll move twice

She's a golden Lasso

The sun goes down the hills get dark
You run alone, you won't get far
You know she's not far behind
A golden glisten in her eye

She's a golden Lasso

Her eyes like stars high in the sky
In clouded dark see her light
Black and gold, her grip takes hold
And what she took you'll never know

She's a golden Lasso
Track Name: Electric Aloha
Aloha first snow, goodbye lava flow
So burn your grass skirt, put on a flannel shirt
Now your hut is an igloo and you just wanna move
The Ocean freezes, the sunset turns to blue

Now the beach is only in our dreams
Get under thee electric blanket with me

Above the blankets we Eskimo kiss
Below you are my tropical princess
Snow covered volcano that we both hide below
The lava flows, dip in your icicle toes

Now the beach is you laying by me
Get under thee electric blanket with me

Aloha hello
Aloha Goodbye

Track Name: Grow
You're the only seed that I've ever put in the ground
Now you've come to life in the courtyard of my town
You stare into the sun, you love this life you've found
You're doing fine, rain or shine

Take what you know and
Grow little flower, grow
Take it real slow and
Grow little flower grow
You've got seeds of your own

You pushed passed all the weeds, you make fresh air we breath
Your roots are strong and deep, you bend and sway in the breaze
Oh I wish you were just for me but the world can plainly see
All of your beauty, radiating


Now I know I'm selfish still, and no matter how I feel
I would have let you wilt on my window sill
So I watch from across the street, your petals shimmering
Now I finally see why you're thriving
Track Name: You Make Stars
I had no place in this world
And Earth never felt like home
All I'd learned about love
Just made me wanna be alone

But yesterday you found me and
I forgot all I know
Yesterday you swept my feet
Now I'm spinning out of control

You make stars shoot out of my eyes
Now I'm floating to the moon
A rocket blasting inside
I really wanna see you soon

Last night I had a dream
I was floating through a moon lit field
You were right by my side
Somehow it just felt so real

I turned to you, knew what to do
And leaned in for a kiss
You became white light and flew from sight
But I still feel like this

You make stars shoot out of my eyes
Now I'm floating to the moon
A rocket blasting inside
I really wanna see you soon

So I gaze towards outer space
watching planes and satellites
Wanting every day and night
To run away with you
I'm packed and ready too
Track Name: Black Noon
I woke up at noon but I could have sworn it was midnight
A darkness consumed my vision, my thoughts, my foresight

Something shut the light out that noon
Somehow nothing could break through to my insides
Something sucked the life out that noon
Somehow no one else saw it too

Black noon

I woke up at noon, darkness cast on my eyesight
No light in view
Inside and outside, nothing right

Where I go is all I see
That's why I
Think about what I think
That's why I
Think I know what I know
That's why I
Think I feel what I feel

Out of control
Track Name: You
I saw you on the street
Our eyes met, your gaze fell to my feet
My heart beat, my heart beat
Got in my way when I tried to speak

Even my thoughts just stutter
My stomach quivers and flutters

When I think about you

I called in sick to work
To stay in bed dreaming bout you
I worry myself sick
My feelings gave me the flu

All alone with a fever
I look myself in the mirror

Wish I was looking at you

I wrote that song again
The one I keep writing about you
This time it sounded right
Played it all day in my room

I pressed record on my boombox
Grabbed that tape and went out for a walk
I saw you on the street again
I held that tape out in my hand

You didn't look surprised
You looked me in the eyes
You reached into your purse
You pulled out a mixed tape first

It said I found you
Track Name: Tear Drops Will Fall
Shut the door to my room, shut out my thoughts of you
The winter is ending soon, my heat is cold and blue
The window frames the room, this night won't end too soon
When sunshine fills my view it's warmth will fill me too

My hearth will thaw someday
Cold tears will fall down my face

Teardrops will fall

The wind blowing hard, grey clouds roll into town
A weight I can't see, my heart drags on the ground
Black clouds in my head, storming in my eyes
Lightning strikes heart, thunder shakes my mind

The storm will leave blue skies
But still my eyes are not dry

Tear drops will fall

The forest turning green
Dead branches from the trees snap under the leaves
No creatures heard or seen, instincts tell them
Water beads are forming, swelling in me

I'll find no place dry
Oceans pooling in my eye

Teardrops will fall
Track Name: Baby Plastic Baggy
Baby plastic baggy
Flying in the blue sky
Bobbin' in the ocean
Sittin' in the landfill
On your first birth day

Yer new
How old are you?
How old am I?
Old enough to know that when I fade away
You'll still be a baby
Baby plastic baggy

Baby plastic baggy
Are you sleeping in a cubby?
Maybe full of other baggies
Dreaming of a new day
Waking up thrown away

You blew into a swimming pool
You knew it's too cruel
No one seems to see you
Bobbin' in the sea
Blowin' in the breeze
Stuck up in a tree
Track Name: Snake Eyes
I can see your snake eyes staring into mine
Your heart slithered up and coiled me tight
Hissing and hoping fangs puncture my mind
Now I've got sweet poison making it alright

Slither and slide
Will you strike tonight?
I'm here, waiting
Will you strike tonight?

Your rattle was a warning but I didn't turn away
Cold scales on my skin, a folked tongue in my brain
Your tail wrapped around me and I couldn't breath the same
Now I've see your snake eyes
I realize this is no game
Track Name: Making Notebooks Full
Filling up notebooks to the last page
I can't let ideas go to waste
When I can't write I draw my way through
Make a list of the things that I WANNA do

Making notebooks full
What's inside of you?
What secrets show through?
A ripped out page or two
When I'm feeling insane
Things I'd never say
With me every day
Holding more than ink

Filling a notebook to the last page
I can't let my dreams go to waste
A thousand dots fill my pointalist view
Chords for a song I'll never use
Track Name: Young Wish
I had a dream I was king without a kingdom or a queen
I woke up as a prince and wished
For love I would give up anything

I had a young wish
It's taste still fresh on my lips
I had a young wish and
Now I only reminisce

I had a dream I was a teen
And I was tearing at the seams
I woke alone and wished a soul
Would take this cold heart someplace warm

My wish came true but who knew I had to wish for forever too