by Teenage Moods

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released October 31, 2014


all rights reserved



Teenage Moods Minneapolis, Minnesota

Use your imagination, please.

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Track Name: Fools Wonder
You wonder why the time flies
and while you think
life passes by

Fools wonder
What can I do?
What will I do?
Fools wonder
I've been the fool
I'm only warning you

You wonder if your were right
when all that time you never tried

Camped out at the crossroads
You keep thinking
You keep thinking
Somewhere in your future real life begins
It's already happening
It's happening

Fools wonder
What can I do?
What will I do?
Fools wonder
What's Happening?
Track Name: Groovy Regina
I wanna sing about a girl I've seen
cuz she stands out everywhere she goes.
She always rides her bike, she's doing things I like
she's got a smile that I gotta know

She's a real sunbeam, She's a dance machine
She could be the queen of my scene
Sh'e such a babe I only know her name
Groovy Regina

She hangs out where flowers go
She goes to shows
She don't let snow stop rocknroll
Now where you'd go?
I wanna meetcha,
Groovy Regina

I bet that she already sees
a groovy boy or a girl of her own
but she's just too cute to give a hoot
and I can tell she's happy all alone

I saw her sitting by a flower bed
listening to her tape deck
Our eyes met my heart stopped dead
She's the only thing in my head

She likes to play it's all a game
She stays up late and sleeps all day
A total babe
There's just no way I couldn't say
what's your name?

Track Name: Rosebuds
I see you bring in the spring
The sun always follows you
In the morning I sing
'you are my rosebud'

You, right now, are beautiful to me
Soon, you'll bloom, and everyone will see

You are my rosebud

I am enamoured, in love
It's maybe too early
I keep my hand in a glove
I know you can hurt me

I will bleed when your thorns tear me
Still you'll see in fall I won't leave

You are my rosebud

I see you bring in the spring
and in the morning I sing
I'll stick by you like a tree
and in the fall I won't leave
Track Name: Get It Right
I try to get it right the first time
I think to myself I'm lost in my mind
I shouldn't get too low cuz I try
I think to myself
I think all the time

I want to get it right

I guess I didn't learn last time
I thought I found love
I misread the signs
Who loves to think about their life?
I think to myself
I think all the time

I want to get it right

I will
I will
Track Name: Still My Pet
You're still my pet, no I didn't forget
I know you wait when I stay out too late
I know you worry when I take too long
My little friend we'll cuddle again

You try to escape
and runaway
You look so sad
when I can't play
Don't you worry
We're meant to be
together forever

You're still my pet
My favorite yet
You're too cute
I can't lose you
I know you always want to be by my side
You're still my pet, so don't you cry
Track Name: Manic aGAIN
I've felt this before I'm
Getting manic again
I know I'm bipolar
Getting manic again

The beast set free!
Good to see you old friend :)
Uncaged, deranged
Getting manic again

Don't need to eat or sleep
Getting manic again
Make way there's no stopping me
Getting manic again

La lalala
Crazy song in my head
Getting manic again

Been depressed, been a mess
stuck in my head I guess?
Pace around, lay back down
pass out from the stress
Back again from the dead
Kick me in the head
If I sigh, if my eyes stop sparkling again

I don't feel pain no mo cuz
Getting manic again
I don't care why, what for?
Getting manic again

Last chance, let's dance
do whatever you can
Too sad? Too bad!
Getting manic again
Track Name: Light Bright
You've got this thing I got to see
In your eyes something beaming
Was it just me imaging
more than you smiling?

I imagine hearts can still be true
I imagine light that you let pour

You little light bright
A light you have inside
A light you cannot hide
A light that will not die

Now I think I might once more know love
like the sun rose and my heart woke up
Now I think that I might love you more
soaking up all of that light you pour

It's not the first time that I tried to
grab a beam of light
And now I know if I keep mine bright
everything will be alright

I've got this thing I could not see
Something glows inside of me
A little light
I better keep it bright
And burn that in my memory
Track Name: Pool Hair
That world underwater
You're in the deep end now
Can't swim?
I don't matter
Some babe will pull you out

Running with your friends
it don't matter in the end
slip and slide live or die
just don't sit there pool side
You might think it's fun just
watching everyone
but they won't see you there
if you ain't got pool hair

Pool hair

That world, that girl
she wants you in her pool
You can't swim?
Get in
You'll know what I'm saying

Your friends are all around and
they won't let you drown
but they'll say you wet the bed
til you get that wet head
Prove that you don't care
show em all that you ain't scared
cannonball come up for air
Play it cool
that's pool hair

Pool Hair

Hey what have you got?
Pool Hair
Hey now no you don't
Pool Hair
Hey what have you got?
Pool Hair
Hey now no you don't
Don't care

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