Turn It Up, Tune 'Em Out

by Teenage Moods

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released January 1, 2019

All songs by Teenage Moods

Thee Moody 'Tudes:
Gordon - normal guitar, singing
Jillian - bass
Nikki - drums
Kyle - 12 string

Recorded by Neil Weir at Blue Bell Knoll on 10/22 - 10/23/2016
Mastered by Bruce Templeton at Microphonic Mastering


all rights reserved



Teenage Moods Minneapolis, Minnesota

Use your imagination, please.

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Track Name: Sweeties Only
I had a feeling I couldn't feel a thing
Numb brain, nothing to say
The life I knew so far away
Small as a sugar grain

I had to think "now how's this me?"
I knew a different way
This bitter taste ruins everything
I need to think sweet.

If you know what I need, say it to me
Sweeties Only
If I'm a sad scene, say it to me
Sweeties Only

I'm waking up from a deep dark sleep
I can't move, I can't speak
I can't act on what I dreamed
I can't disappear, I know better.

I know the thoughts I have will lead
My heart, the life I seek
Knowing that I feel lucky
I choose to see sweet.

If you know what I need, say it me
Sweeties Only
If I'm a sad scene, say it to me
Sweeties Only
If you're looking all down, I'll stick around
I'll be that sweetie
I've been there before, sweeties will always know

Sweeties just know.
Track Name: Bermuda Light
On the last horizon
I saw a flash and then
It hit the back of my brain
The world was gone but I remained

Fading into night
Burned into my sight

Washed out Bermuda Light
Time is gone, time is done
Say goodnight

Dust on a grain of sand
Stuck in the hourglass
Free at last, falling fast

Fading into night
Nothing left in sight

Burning Bermuda Light
Time has come, time is gone
Idle ones
Stuck in that hourglass
Free at last, falling fast

Burning in the night
Frozen in the light
Staring in the night
That light til I'm blind

End in sight
Now I'm blind
End in sight
Now I'm blind
End in sight
Now I'm blind
End in sight
Track Name: Petty Stones / Trust Fall
Petty Stones:

Drive like you can fly
got it all riding that line
you're proving that you're trying
but it's lost in all that whining

Petty stones stuck in your shoe
every step is hurting you
you tell the world it's true
feel burned
blame anyone but you

I can't relate
Pessimism is a fate
I ain't going down in man made flames

Like a tick
you're sucking hard
I'm getting sick
Your words are laced with arsenic
Can't help it just can't quit

Petty dust blows in the wind
Here it is and gone again
Make excuses for abuses
Sorry I just can't pretend

I can't relate
When I let go I deflate
I don't wanna blindly just pretend
Paradise is just around the bend
Parasites just wanna hold your hand.

Dead cold?
Uh oh.

Do you wanna live?
When your dead you won't forgive yourself
for all the more you could have been alive.

Trust Fall:

We've been broken in
We see every glance of chance
Coated in warnings
Real mistrust
Real or not.

Down that road, down that rabbit hole
Off the cliff, offer us hope.

La La
Like a Trust Fall

Staggering loneliness
Well it reflects like a mirror's trick
Crushed by a sense of depth
A sense of dread
Dead ahead.

Down that road, down that rabbit hole
Off a cliff, offer us some hope

La La
Like a Trust Fall

The last chance that we'll see
Echoes this dead melody
Those brave few all skewed insane
Now we're screwed, spin down that drain
Track Name: Her Reality
He don't wanna see
Her Reality
How it plays out
How it stays the same

Easily explained
It might break his brain
He don't see her
He sees that thing

She just wants to be
Now she wants to leave
Even in our scene
This plays on repeat
He don't wanna think that it might
Make her want to scream

Her Reality
He's just another

Creep off of the street
Thinks his words are sweet
His cold stare says he's already there
Won't leave her alone
She's just busing home
Trying to ignore him on her phone

Thinks that it should be
Like his father sees
Permanently 1953
He don't wanna think that she don't owe him anything
She ain't property
She just sees that


Oh no, he don't know
Cuz don't wanna know
When she explodes
Dead threats follow her home.

Say can you see
Her Reality?
Even just a peek
Could change everything
Are you willing to see
Her Reality?
Track Name: Sheer Wonder
If I could dream out loud
What would I see?
Imagine laying on cloud
Looking up through the trees at dawn

If I could dream a sound
What would you hear?
Tears rolling down a mountain's side
Waves crash as the world subsides

I get this feeling
That I can't explain
I fall over, leaning
Off this cliff of questions
Piled sky high

If you could see this dream
Where would it be?
Right here
Right under your nose
Too small to be seen

My mind is a tree
Thoughts are the breeze
They move through the leaves
And whisper to me:
"Where you are, where you were,
Always in wonder."

I get that feeling
That I can't explain
I fall over leaning
Off this cliff of questions
Piled sky high
All I ever do now
Just look up and wonder "why?"

If I could dream for a year
What would I see?
An ant living on an empty farm
With nothing to eat.

Could it be
In this life
We'll perceive
Someone out there shares the dream
The sunset is brighter than it seems.

I often wonder
Dreams of what we really see
Do you ever wonder

What is real and make believe?
Printed money grown from trees
Digital photography
Promises and certainty
All gods and theology
Like rules and authority
Phantom limbs of amputees
Translations upon the screen
Intentions of text received
Obstacles still blocking peace
Brainwashing and programming

Pinch yourself
And then pinch me

In Sheer Wonder
In a dream

In Sheer Wonder of me
Track Name: Some Bodies (Once Told Me)
Some bodies don't match their heads
Some brains wish their bodies were dead
Some see themselves as defective
Some know they're not broken
They just don't fit in

Some bodies hide the pain
masking insecurity
Under plastic under paint

When that's all we see
On movies and TV
Then the mirror becomes our worst enemy

Pathetic thoughts fill this head
So mad at how we're so misled
So glad to be outside looking in
I hope you see
You're not just anybody

This body wants full control
It's just a rental car for the soul
Drive it like you can't take it home
Turn it up
Tune em out
Don't look around
Just go

When we stop holding on
When the memory is gone
When we know that
No bodies are wrong
No body is who we are

Nobody's body is wrong
Turn it up
No body is who we are
Tune em out

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